Cranford Guitar and Music Center

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Union County's Premier School of Music

- our mission -

Lessons at Cranford Guitar and Music Center go far beyond just guitar lessons. All of our instructors are both highly educated and professional performers. We work hard to maintain standards of excellence in our entire faculty.

Our students are also given performance opportunities of the best kind. We offer our students annual performances as well as the chance to perform in local and regional events such as Musicfest and competitions. These are just some of the great experiences our students have to choose from.

Cranford Guitar currently offers lessons for Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Piano, Drums, Brass, Woodwind, and more. We can’t wait to have you join our family!

- our team -
Jared Paparozzimore_vert



Jared Paparozzi has been playing and studying music for over 20 years. Beginning on piano, his father Rob Paparozzi, helped give him the musical direction needed to pursue a career in music. At age 13 he began studying guitar and bass with multiple teachers, such as Glenn Alexander, until he reached college in which he received a B.A. at Kean University. He plays multiple genres of music ranging from jazz to rock. Jared currently plays with his rock group called The Downrights.

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Josh Friedman is a New York based guitarist and audio engineer. Originally from New Jersey, Josh studied jazz guitar at the University of Miami. Since graduating, Josh has been involved in many projects, most notably, The Bliss Jockeys. The Bliss Jockeys are a rock band featuring a 7-piece choir; they perform regularly in and around New York City.

In addition to working as a guitarist, Josh is an in-demand audio engineer, working primarily out of Dubway Studios. Josh has extensive experience in tracking full bands, remote recording, and production audio.

David Mondragonmore_vert



David Mondragon has been playing music since he was 9 years old. He originally started on the clarinet and piano, then fell in love with the guitar at age 11. As a teen and young adult, Mondragon was a member of the hard rock/heavy metal band Concrete, touring the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. The band's music videos were featured on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball, several Playstation videos games, and on a Budweiser commercial for the 2004 US Olympic team. Mondragon has since returned to school, completing his Bachelor's in music, studying classical guitar at Kean University.

Rob Backofmore_vert



Rob Backof has been studying and playing music for over 10 years with his musical tastes ranging from jazz and classical to progressive and funk. He began playing instruments at age 13 and instilled determination to always progress. He is also a well trained vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. Rob currently sings and plays guitar in his band, Moon Men.

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