About Cranford Guitars

Cranford Guitar and Music Centerwas founded by Joe Ferraro in 1986 and has since provided over 20 years of high quality music instruction. Working in conjunction with Prymaxe Vintage, run by Cory Ferraro, Cranford Guitar is also able to offer quality new and used guitars as well as a wide variety of guitar equipment. Today, Cranford Guitar and Music Center offers drum, piano/keyboard, guitar, bass, and voice lessons with a number of skilled and experienced instructors. With a number of annual performance opportunities as well as personalized curriculum from each instructor, Cranford Guitar and Music Center continues to hold their place as a leading music learning institution in Union County.

Cranford Guitar and Music Center gives opportunities for students to experience performance throughout the year. While instructors can help guide students who are interested in their own personal performance goals, Cranford Guitar and Music Center offers at least two showcase opportunities per year. Some students may perform with their instructors in a one on one performance, while other students perform alone or with a friend, and other students have a chance to perform in a band setting with instructors who can guide them through the experience! Each student is given this opportunity and guided for the best performance scenario by their instructor.

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