Andrew Palacio and Matthew Kelly

Nick Bucci, a newer teacher at the school who offers piano and trumpet lessons, has chosen to feature two students this month. His two trumpet students, Matthew Kelly and Andrew Palacio. Both students have been playing trumpet for two years with their school band. That is not all that these two friends have in common. While Andrew enjoys any playing any video game he can get his hands on, and Matthew enjoys reading, basketball and baseball, along with the occasional video game as well. Both Matthew and Andrew enjoy learning new music with Nick. Andrew really enjoys listening to what he is playing, and Matthew loves learning. Andrew hopes to teach music in the future, and recommends practice to students who want to improve and make progress such as he has.

Matthew, who will be playing in the Spring Showcase, is really inspired to play for his family, and has named his father as what motivated him to take lessons. Matthew wants to tell other students to keep trying, and don’t quit. If you keep trying you just might do what you were trying to in the first place.