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Thank you so much for taking lessons with Cranford Guitar! We are committed to making sure that your experience with the school not only fosters a supportive learning environment, and also offers fun, informative lessons and group experiences. In order to offer the highest quality of education, we must make sure that our instructors are given appropriate time to give each student the attention they need while also maintaining order in their own schedule. Each teacher has between 15 and 60 students. In order to give every student fair and reasonable use of their time, the below policies have been set forth. Private lessons are one on one, and are committed to and paid for on a monthly basis. Each instructor handles his or her own schedule. Therefore, your teacher may have more flexibility at any given time, and may be able to offer more options due to their own circumstances. However the below guidelines are the standard set forth for those instructors with very little flexibility in their schedule. All students/parents of the school are responsible for these guidelines once they begin lessons. The policy will be posted on the website should anyone ever need to reference back to it, and may change at any time.

Lesson Policies:
Lessons are scheduled Mondays through Saturdays and are scheduled upon availability. Please feel free call for more information or to schedule an appointment with your instructor.
 Tuition is due on the last lesson of the preceding month. This is in order to hold the place for the following lesson. There will be a $10.00 late fee charged for late payment. Months with 5 Lessons: Each lesson day of the week has 4 occurrences each year where the month will have 5 lessons instead of 4. These lessons are not free, but floating lessons that can be used as makeups. Each student is given 2 of those lessons as floating makeups that they can use if they are not able to give ample notice for a lesson cancelation. Each instructor is also given 2 weeks as shown below in the leave policy. We do this in order to keep a consistent monthly payment, and to also allow for last minute cancellations as well as instructor leave.

Lessons cancelled without one FULL WEEK'S NOTICE will not be guaranteed a makeup. Lessons for some teachers cannot be made up due to studio time being completely booked without this. Please do not expect lessons to be made up without this notice. There will also be 2 floating makeup lessons that an instructor can use as your makeups at their discretion. These floating makeups are applied through extra weeks in certain months that are not charged for.

Please note that illness and personal emergency also do not guarantee a makeup. While instructors are very sympathetic to such occurrences, due to scheduling circumstances beyond their control they may not be able to make up such lessons when less than 1 week’s notice is given for the missed lesson. Illness and personal emergencies that are cancelled with less that 1 week may be applied to the student’s 2 floating makeups if any remain.

Instructor Leave Policy:
Instructors are given 2 weeks off each calendar year. This is in case of illness, personal obligations, etc. There will be no makeups for these lessons. Teachers will give ample notice of these leave times.

Instructors may choose to teach on holidays. However the school is officially closed on New Years Day, The Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Instructors will generally schedule makeups in advance or make arrangements for lessons that fall on holidays. Instructors may work on holidays including but not limited to Memorial Day, Labor Day and Presidents Day. Please contact your teacher if your lesson falls on one of those holidays.If you can not find a time to make up a lesson that falls on a holiday, a floating holiday may be used.

You need to be on time for your lesson as lessons are scheduled back to back for the entire day.

To maintain reasonable progress, students are expected to practice regularly. Students who do not practice should not expect to maintain progress at a reasoable pace. Parents are strongly advised to participate in the scheduling and follow through of students practice habits.

Students who skip a month or more must understand that they may lose their lesson space.

Returned Check Fee: $25

Refunds: No Refunds.

*Cranford Guitar and Music Center will be closed on the following legal holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Please contact your instructor if you have questions about closings, policy or scheduling issues. We appreciate your time and thank you for respecting the time and dedication of our teachers.

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