Upcoming Events

Group Guitar Lessons in the fall!

Group Guitar is returning, and we are excited to offer it for the Fall! There will be 2 class levels so that everyone can take lessons in groups of their own ages. Classes will be limited to no more than 8 students per group, and will cost $20 per week, per student. Classes will last 6 weeks, and will give students the basics of guitar playing and reading music.

Classes will be grouped in elementary/middle school, and middle school/high school. Students who are in middle school may choose to learn with elementary or high school groups, depending on their preference and current class size.

Sessions will be held on saturdays and begin on October 5th. Elementary/Middle will meet saturday mornings from 9a.m. to 10a.m., and middle school/high school guitar classes will begin right after from 10a.m. to 11a.m. Contact us here to enroll in class, or for any other information!