Guitar & Bass Lessons

Guitar Lessons at Cranford Guitar are steps above what you expect or will find elsewhere. We thrive on a one on one relationship with each student focusing on their musical aspirations. Our teachers are world class performing and teaching professionals who truly care about your musical interests and education both in the theory and fun of learning songs and technique. You can learn all styles from our highly skilled and diversified staff of world class guitarists. Classical, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Punk and Progressive Rock. We teach all styles at the highest level. Online lessons will never give you the personal attention and details you need to succeed at the art of music. Just learning songs at studios who only focus on this single aspect of performance will never give you the tools you need to master the craft. After teaching thousands of students over many years I know what it takes. A great student teacher relationship is the golden key. I choose to work with only the finest guitarists, teachers and awesome fun to learn from professionals . We can put you in a performing environment or you can just enjoy the supreme pleasure of entertaining yourself. We can teach the beginner to the highly advanced student. It’s a no pressure pure learning experience at Cranford Music Lesson Studios.

Drum Lessons

Drum lessons at our studio can take you from a beginner learning the basic techniques to an accomplished performer playing your favorite songs. We offer a one on one personal connection tailored to each students ambitions and musical taste. Our drum room is spacious and comfortable. Our instructors are professional and fun to learn from. Reading drum charts, fundamental rhythms, hand coordination, and learning your favorite beats are all incorporated in our effective fun teaching strategy. All styles taught from Rock to Jazz.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons at our studio are fun, effective and highly rewarding. We can take you from a beginner to extremely advanced. Only the best piano and keyboard instructors of the highest level of musicianship are on our staff. Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, and Progressive are taught in our three piano rooms on full size and top level electric pianos. We teach our students one on one with the students musical interests and tastes a priority. Reading music, scales, songs, improvisation of chords and melodies combined with technique cumulate in a well rounded musician. Listen to our teachers play and you will know why we are the best.

Voice Lessons

We can teach you how to sing the songs you love using proper and effective techniques while having fun learning the wonderful instrument of your voice. It is important to identify your range and the correct forms of breathing and posture which our instructors will work with you in a one on one method to bring out the very best in your voice. Each student receives technical skills such as sight reading, vocal warm-ups, vocal anatomy and just great fun learning to sing some favorite songs.

Sax Woodwind and Horn Lessons

We have world class sax lessons taught by remarkably talented professional teachers. Our teachers can teach you your favorite songs to complex jazz arrangements. Clarinet, Flute, Trombone, Horns, and all woodwind instrument taught in a fun and effective curriculum. You will learn the proper technique for Classical, Jazz, Pop, Bossa Nova, Blues, and Progressive. The lessons are tailored to your musical taste and aspirations. All styles taught from beginner to the highest level.

Violin and All String Instrument Lessons

We offer outstanding instruction on the complex instruments called the Violin, Viola, and Cello, Our string instructors can teach you all styles from Rock to Bach. Violin, Viola, Cello are beautiful instruments which require instruction with teachers capable of communicating with the student the art of creating a beautiful sound while having fun accomplishing their musical goals. Our one on one curriculum with wonderful teachers will assure your efforts are rewarded with musical bliss.

Ukulele Lessons

We teach the fun and exciting instrument called the Ukulele. You can learn Chord structure, Songs, Riffs, Theory, and even a Hawaiian or Heavy Metal tune and have a great time doing it with one of our awesome professional staff.